Fulfill Your Spiritual Desire With February Umrah Packages

Avail maximum benefits of February Umrah packages and visit the House of Allah during pleasant winter season to conveniently perform Umrah.

21 May 2024 1:34 PM
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Fulfill Your Spiritual Desire With February Umrah Packages
Fulfill Your Spiritual Desire With February Umrah Packages

Embarking on the spiritual Umrah pilgrimage is a desire of every devoted Muslim. They often wait for the right time and economical packages to perform Umrah. Among the most sought-after months, February is ideal to easily perform the pilgrimage. Devoted Muslims can opt for February Umrah packages to make the most of their pilgrimage due to several benefits this month offers.


Why is February a Good Month to Perform Umrah?


Several reasons make February an ideal month to perform Umrah. However, the pleasant weather condition persisting in this month creates ideal conditions for pilgrims to peacefully perform Umrah. Let’s discuss the diverse benefits pilgrims can avail with February Umrah packages:


Cold Weather


KSA is a desert country and the summer season persists throughout the country for around 8 months. The weather conditions start changing by the end of October and from November to February, the temperature ranges between 19 to 32 degrees Celsius. Such cold weather in a desert country is nothing less than a blessing for pilgrims.


Pilgrims can easily perform Umrah without facing much exhaustion and they can explore the holy sites in their free time. Most pilgrims intend to perform Tawaaf as much as they can while in Makkah. Due to the cold weather, they can easily perform and perform many Tawaafs, earning great rewards.


Embarking on Ziyarat Tours


Pilgrims can embark on ziyarat tours and explore as much as they want to, due to cold weather that doesn’t exhaust them much. Passionate pilgrims can trek to the Hira and Thaur caves in the February season as they have much energy to perform these activities.


The weather starts to rise as February reaches the end therefore, this month is important for pilgrims to perform Umrah and visit as many Ziyarat places as they can to take full benefit of February Umrah packages. Popular sites included in ziyrat tours are Mosques of Quba, Ayesha R.A., Qiblataen, Jinn, and Khaief among others. Other sites include the battle places of Badr and Uhud, gardens owned by Hazrat Uthman R.A. Jannat-ul-Baqi, Jannat-ul-Mualla’, Jabal-al-Rahmah, etc.


Relatively Less Crowd


Although February is a crowded month in Makkah, it’s still relatively less crowded than many other months. Pilgrims can choose ideal times to perform Umrah without facing all the crowd gathered in this holy place. As per the details shared by Hajj and Umrah Ministry, 7:30 to 10:30 am and 11:00 pm to 2:00 am are the times of the day when there is relatively less crowd in Haram.


The Hajj and Umrah Ministry have also shared the ideal days to perform Umrah in peace. These are Sundays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays when there are relatively fewer people in Haram. On Sundays, several pilgrims start leaving to go back to their homes hence, leaving a lot of space for pilgrims wanting to perform Umrah in peace. Pilgrims can peacefully perform the pilgrimage avoiding large crowds and enjoying the pleasant weather.


Tips to Acquire the Best February Umrah Packages


It can be difficult to find economical and suitable February Umrah packages so intending pilgrims have to prepare beforehand to acquire the best packages. They can follow these tips for success:


1. Schedule the time in February when you want to perform Umrah and start searching for February Umrah packages at least 3 months before that period.


2. Contact reliable travel agencies and ask them to inform you about the times when ticket prices get low. Buy tickets at that time and you will save a lot on your pockets.


3. You can compromise a little on hotels being a little far away from Haram and save money, as pilgrims can cover long walking distances in the winter season. However, this tip is not for people with special needs, elders, or patients.


Embark on a spiritual journey with lucrative Umrah packages offered by Muslims Holy Travel. Undertake the pilgrimage and embark on ziyarat tours to revitalize your faith and strengthen your soul. Choose February Umrah packages and avail maximum benefits of this month making lifetime memories. If you make up your mind then visit our website https://www.muslimsholytravel.co.uk or give us a call. Visit the House of Allah with your friends and family and make the most of this spiritual journey.