Church Of The Highlands Exposed, With Its Many Scandals

Do you want to know how church of the Highlands exposed with its many scandals? Read the post to know all about Church of the Highlands.

02 June 2024 10:13 AM
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Church Of The Highlands Exposed, With Its Many Scandals
Church Of The Highlands Exposed, With Its Many Scandals

Whether it is a personal scandal or a professional one, it’s never good. This is especially true if you are a religious institution, then any kind of negative exposure or a scandal gets much worse. But there is one church that is known for its many scandals and we are sure even you may have read the headline Church of the Highlands exposed.

Toxic work culture, financial crimes, sex scandals, spiritual abuse, there is no scandal that the Church of Highlands hasn’t been a part of, and for them hearing the news “Church of the Highlands exposed” is probably part of their daily routine.

If you don’t know what Church of the Highlands is or their many scandals then you are in for an interesting read. Here is everything you need to know about them.

What is the Church of the Highlands?

Located in Birmingham, Alabama, USA, the Church of the Highlands is a megachurch and one of the biggest in the entire country. It was founded by Pastor Chris Hodges in 2001 and has since grown into one of the biggest religious institutions in the country.

Church of the Highlands Exposed

It has branches in many states and on an average week over 60,000 people attend its religious service. It has a massive online presence as well and it also offers a variety of different educational courses, especially through its Highlands College.

It is an evangelical church and as such its stance on many key issues already puts it in the right wing and if that wasn’t already bad, in the last few years people may have heard Church of the Highlands exposed more than they may have heard Church of the Highlands period.

The many scandals of the Church of the Highlands

There are way too many scandals, big and small that we cannot cover them all here, so we will look at some of the major ones and they are as follows.

2020 Sexual Assault Scandal

Church of the Highlands exposed really makes sense when you hear one of their pastors has been accused of sexual assault. The pastor in question was Micahn Carter and was even supported and defended by the church, however after the pressure mounted the church severed ties with him.

If this isn’t bad enough there have been two more lawsuits against the church for covering up sexual assaults and these are the cases we know of. If anything, the church is known for its “Restoration” efforts to rehabilitate clergy accused of such heinous crimes.

Misappropriation of funds

The church has been accused of misappropriating donations worth $4.5 million and building a retreat called “The Lodge” with the money. This is not the only misappropriation, however, as senior officials in the church including Chris Hodges have been accused of using church money for their personal gains.

The Racial Scandals

This scandal cannot even be categorized as The Church of Highlands exposed, considering how publicly this incident happened. In 2020 the founder of the church Chris Hodges liked racist tweets from Charlie Kirk a known racist, conspiracy theorist, and right-wing media pundit.

This resulted in severe backlash and Chris had to apologize publicly for his actions and acknowledge that his actions were wrong and regretful.