6 Best MasterChef Seasons, Check Our Choice!!!!

Here is the list of 6 best MasterChef seasons of our choice. Read them and let us know your opinion about our choice.

07 May 2024 6:53 PM
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6 Best MasterChef Seasons Of Our Choice
6 Best MasterChef Seasons, Check Our Choice!!!!

When it comes to cooking competitions, we can all say with one voice that MasterChef is one of the, if not the best TV shows in the world. To give you an idea of how successful MasterChef is, it started as a show in the UK in 1990 and now 65 different countries produce a version of their own and the franchise is broadcast in over 200 countries worldwide.

Today however we will focus on the best MasterChef season in the MasterChef USA version. The show is immensely entertaining and successful and will release its 14th season this year. Over the course of its previous 13 seasons, it has given us many entertaining moments so let us look at the 6 best seasons of MasterChef.

So without further waiting here is our list of 6 best MasterChef seasons.

Season 4

If we all were to decide that season 4 was the best season of MasterChef then it would be a unanimous decision. It was certainly the most entertaining of all when it aired in 2013. The judges for this season were Gorden Ramsay, Graham Elliot, and Joe Bastianich and the winner was Luca Manfè.

Luca Manfè a restaurant manager scored the title of MasterChef after a tough competition with Natasha Crnjac a stay-at-home mom and the runner-up of the season. The unique thing about this season was that not only was Luca Manfè the first-ever returning contestant in the show until then but he also won.

Season 3

If there is one season that can compete with season 4 for the title of best MasterChef season, it is certainly season 3. It aired in 2012 and still had the original cast of judges and it was a historic and great moment when Christine Hà a blind chef won the season and secured the $250k reward, as well as her own cookbook.

Josh Marks who was the runner-up of the show also had one hell of a season. He went from being eliminated in episode 12 to returning in episode 14 and eventually fought his way to secure the 2nd position. The best parts of the season were perhaps the mystery box and the invention test.

Season 7

Season 7 would be the 3rd best MasterChef season in our books. Besides Gordon Ramsay, Christina Tosi returned as a judge for the 2nd time and Graham Elliot was replaced by several guest judges, which made the season only more entertaining and fun to watch as we saw each of them in their element.

The winner of the season was Shaun O'Neale who went from being a DJ to gaining the MasterChef title. While Brandi Mudd an elementary school teacher secured the runner-up spot this season. The best part of this season was that neither of the top 3 contestants were professional chefs or cooks.

Season 5

Season 5 would be our choice for the 4th best season and most people would agree that it should be included in the top 5. This was the last season with the original cast of judges as Joe Bastianich left after this season and did not return until season 9 and by that time Graham Elliot had left.

Courtney Lapresi an aerial dancer secured the top spot with her three-course meal and cashed in on success in the show by opening her own restaurant later on. The second spot was secured by Elizabeth Cauvel an ad exec and the third spot was secured by Leslie Gilliams a stay-at-home dad.

Season 8

The last spot on the top 5 list would go to season 8 in our opinion, although others would disagree and go with season 2. But in our opinion season 8 deserves the spot and here is why. For starters, it brought us a new judge in the form of Aarón Sánchez whom we have all grown to love over the next seasons.

The winner of this season was Dino Angelo Luciano a dancer from New York who has a strong personality, to say the least, and went on to become a successful chef. The runner-up was Eboni Henry an addiction counselor and 3rd spot was secured by Jason Wang a high school teacher.

Season 2

It would not be a list of best MasterChef seasons without the inclusion of Season 2. Back then we still had the original cast of judges with Gorden Ramsay, Graham Elliot, and Joe Bastianich. The show was still in its infancy back then with tweaks being made to it but even then it was already making its mark.

Jennifer Behm a realtor and a former Miss USA contestant was crowned the winner and won the 250k reward. But unlike the previous season, she did not get her own cookbook, but she did all right in the end with her own restaurant and catering business. The second spot went to Adrien Nieto a server from California.