Where Does The Sun Rise? Some Interesting Facts

Here is the answer of your question, where does the sun rise first and where does it set? We are discussing some interesting facts about sun rises and sets

13 May 2024 6:15 PM
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Where Does The Sun Rise First And Set? Interesting Facts Discussed
Where Does The Sun Rise? Some Interesting Facts

If I were to ask you where does the sun rise first? The obvious answer would be the East because this is the answer everyone gives. It is the right answer, yes you are supposed to say the sun rises in the east and sets in the west when asked where does the sun rise and set. 

But what if I asked you where does the sun rise first? This one might be a bit harder to answer. But don’t worry for we will answer this question and share more interesting facts about the sun and its relation to our planet, Earth.

where does the sun rise first

  • The answer to the question of where the sun rises first is Millennium Island also known as Caroline Island. It is a small uninhabited island that is part of Kiribati a small island nation in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

  • We know the sun rises and sets in the east and the west, but what about the north and south poles? Well, there are periods on these poles when the sun either doesn’t set or rises for a considerable time.

  • Often when the sun is rising you might have noticed a pinkish or reddish glow opposite to the direction of the sun rising. This glow has a name and it is called “Belt of Venus”.

  • Ever wondered how long it takes for the sun to rise? The answer is it takes the sun approximately 30 minutes. It takes sun setting the same amount of time as the sun rises.

  • For us the colors of sunrise and sunset are yellowish and red and they can slightly vary depending on pollution and dust in the air. On Mars, however, the color of the sun setting is blue, due to the dust in its atmosphere.

  • So, if we see sunlight as yellow and on Mars it is blue then what is the actual color of sunlight? The answer is sunlight is actually white in color.

  • For us on earth sun rising and sun setting is a matter of hours. But for astronauts on the international space station, they are moving so fast that they witness a sunrise every 45 minutes.