What Does TBH Mean In Texting, On Snapchat, Instagram?

Do you know what does TBH mean in texting, on Snapchat or on Instagram. We have got all the questions covered here related to TBH meaning.

15 May 2024 6:28 PM
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What Does TBH Mean In Texting, On Snapchat, Instagram?
What Does TBH Mean In Texting, On Snapchat, Instagram?

When it comes to social media there is one rule that we all follow and that is using internet slang. Some of the famous ones include lol, lmao, brb, idk among others. There is one more slang that everyone uses and it is tbh. So, do you know what does tbh mean? If you don’t then don’t worry, we are here to explain it.

What does TBH mean in Texting, on Snapchat and on social media?

Tbh is often used when texting on Snapchat or on social media and it means “To be honest”. It is generally used in conversation when one wants to be more open about something or give an honest opinion about a subject or issue and other times it is simply used to emphasize a point.

Overall, it can be explained in three different ways and here they are.

To Emphasize honesty

This one we have already discussed and the full phrase also gives it away. But you know what they say, honestly is the best policy and when you want to break the ice and give your honest opinion about something, tbh is a nice way to go about doing that. 

It shows that you are not only honest about what you are saying but you come from a point of empathy and mean well when saying what you want to say.

As an Insult

Tbh can also be used as a form of insult when you want to tell someone the truth about them, you start with tbh and then proceed with your actual feelings about the issue or the person and more often than not the feelings shared in this context often involve some kind of insult or serious criticism.

As a soft form of criticism

Tbh can also be used as a mixture of both honesty and insult. That is when you want to criticize someone for their wrongdoing, but before you do that you want to soften the blow, by showing that even when you are criticizing them or what they feel is like an insult isn’t actually meant to be an insult.

This way they know that you mean well even if what you are saying is harsh actually for the betterment of the person in question.

What does tbh mean on Instagram?

When it comes to Instagram people use tbh in one more way. Sometimes you might see posts which have a caption that has tbh in it. This means that if you comment on the post that person will tell what he really thinks about you.

So, the core of the phrase still remains the same but it is being used in another way. But this time people are inviting others to tell them what they think of them, but only if they volunteer by commenting on that post. 

Also considering that it is a post and not a private chat, only comment if you are ok with not only knowing but also others knowing about the honest opinions being shared about you.


We hope that by now you know what does tbh mean in text and on social media. While the phrase itself always means the same thing, it is the context in which it is used that changes the meaning.