Does Costa Coffee Support Israel? Know The Reality

Does Costa Coffee support Israel? Here is the answer of your question. Yes, Costa support Israel and that is the reason people are boycotting its products.

26 May 2024 12:34 PM
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Does Costa Coffee Support Israel? Know The Reality
Does Costa Coffee Support Israel? Know The Reality

The ongoing conflict happening between Israel and Palestine is a hot topic issue and almost everyone has chosen sides in this conflict. But no one in good conscious can deny that Israel is committing genocide in Palestine and that is why people are boycotting many products and companies that support Israel. One such company is Costa Coffee, so does Costa Coffee Support Israel?

Today we will try to find out if Costa Coffee supports Israel. And if they do then how do they do it and how can one effectively boycott them? But first, let us find out more about Costa Coffee.

What is Costa Coffee?

Costa Coffee is a British coffeehouse chain. It was founded by Sergio Costa in 1971 and is named after him. It has thousands of stores across Britain and the rest of the world and is particularly famous in China where it has 460 branches. The company was bought by Coca-Cola in 2019 for $4.6 billion.

Does Costa Coffee Support Israel?

The question of does Costa Coffee supports Israel is very easy to answer. Its parent company is Coca-Cola and we all know where Coca-Cola stands in this conflict. The company has a long history of supporting Israel and it is not a leap to guess its subsidiary Costa Coffee supports Israel as well.

Does Costa Coffee Support Israel on every level?

As with any company anywhere, there are people who work in the company that have opposing views to the official stance of the company. The official stance of the company is often set by the higher ups, particularly at the corporate level and not all employees agree with it.

So, in the case of Costa Coffee Support Israel, it is prudent to assume that not all the employees agree with the policy of the company, particularly the policy of the parent company Coca-Cola.

What Does Costa Coffee Support Israel mean for those supporting Palestine?

With Costa Coffee Support of Israel, it is our duty to boycott it at every level and buy alternative brands that do not support the genocide in Palestine. Most of us already know about Coca-Cola’s involvement and we are actively boycotting it, and we should similarly boycott all its subsidiaries like Costa Coffee.

Does Boycott when Costa Coffee supports Israel?

Most of us feel that it is only us who are boycotting these brands and products and if only we are doing it then it may not make a difference. But that is not true, as millions of other people all around the world are also boycotting Costa Coffee, Coca-Cola, and other brands like it and it does make a difference.

One great example of this boycott working is the McDonald’s boycott. At the start of this conflict, McDonald made huge news when it supported Israel just as Costa Coffee supported Israel and the pictures of Israeli soldiers eating McDonald’s burgers went viral.

However, once the boycott started, after a few months even the officials at McDonald’s admitted that the boycott was hurting their bottom line. So similarly in this spirit, we should keep boycotting Costa Coffee for its support of Israel and soon its boycott will also bear fruit