How To Keep Your Bathroom Clean Longer: Effective Tips And Tricks

Keep your bathroom clean and germ-free for a healthier home. Learn why maintaining a hygienic bathroom is crucial and its impact on your well-being.

10 May 2023 10:06 AM
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How To Keep Your Bathroom Clean Longer?
How To Keep Your Bathroom Clean Longer: Effective Tips And Tricks

The most intimate space in any household is your bathroom. Many people like to spend some time to themselves in bathrooms. Many people use the bathroom for some alone time. Some people find it a romantic place. Whatever the requirement may be but a bathroom is used mainly for cleaning purposes. Some people like to keep themselves a private bathroom attached to their bedrooms. But mostly the bathroom is a commonplace where people sanitize themselves against germs and dust.

But what about the bathroom itself?

With many people using the same space it is bound to get dirty sooner than other rooms. Cleaning the bathroom at regular intervals is always recommended. If a bathroom is used by more than 4 people, then it should be cleaned more frequently, maybe once every week. But for a person with a city lifestyle in a city like Bhubaneswar, juggling between work and social life is hectic enough to handle. Taking out time from the only time to relax i.e. on the weekend, to scrub the bathroom floors is not an ideal way to while away your hours.

So, how to keep this high-traffic room stay fresh longer and get the best out of your efforts that too without calling up professional bathroom cleaning services in Bhubaneswar the bathroom is not only the most important room to keep clean but also the most difficult one. Let’s explore the options one by one:

  1. Using water repellants to coat the shower walls and bathroom doors – A coat of water repellant helps water, minerals, and soap froth drip away and dart off the surface easily and there is not much to clean. The use of good-quality tiles and marble stones in the bathroom can also do the trick.
  2. Stopping the moisture to stay longer – Mold stains are inevitable in dampness but you sure can delay it. Using a squeegee or sponge to wipe down the walls, tub, and shower doors every day can go a long way. You can hang the sponge just above the shower head and make the last person coming out of the bathroom to take just an extra few minutes to wipe out the moisture.
  3. Opening a window – If you are living in a warmer climate just like Bhubaneswar, the best thing you can do is quickly obliterate the moisture by just opening a window or turning the exhaust fan just after a shower. Or you can also leave the door open for the moisture to dissipate.
  4. An orderly cabinet – Keeping your cosmetics and bathroom products in dedicated spots in your cabinet or keeping your hair care products and any electronic helping tools like hairdryers or waxing appliances separately can clean the clutter and give a fresh and tidy feel to your messy bathroom.
  5. Skipping soap bars at the sink – Using liquid soaps with pumping handles or hands-free soap dispensers can reduce the spread of germs and also help your sink and counter look cleaner.
  6. Installing a towel bar is a good idea – Towels dry more quickly and your bathroom is going to look much tidier with beautiful towels. Even if you have no wall space you should consider adding a towel bar to your door or can go for hooks.
  7. Go for longer-lasting cleaners – Check out the best cleaning products while buying your bathroom cleaners. The best formulas can help you resist stubborn stains for up to seven days on your tubs, sinks, and basins.
  8. Instant clean-ups – whenever you dust only a shelf or get dirty footprints on the floor or some hair while brushing your hair lock, just instantly sweep it up the floor before it comes in contact with any water. This will help you delay a major mopping.
  9. Remove spots immediately – Keeping a stash of wipes handy in the bathroom can help you clean up the toothpaste splatters on your mirror or watermarks then and there. When these marks dry up, they become harder to clean up.
  10. Disinfecting the towels and curtains – If you have window and door curtains in your bathrooms or use shower curtains it’s wiser to take them out to the sun every few days. This practice helps the curtains to avoid the accumulation of dampness and along with it the invasion of germs.

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End Note

After these practices, it will be a guarantee that your bathroom is going to remain sparkling clean for a longer time, and whenever the time comes for a real lean up you don’t have to waste your weekend and can just hire a reliable bathroom cleaning service in Bhubaneswar for best results. Write For Us and share your thoughts with us.