All About Melanie Lynn Clapp The Ex-wife Of Johnny Knoxville

Melanie Lynn Clapp is an American interior designer and the ex-wife of Johnny Knoxville, an American entertainer and comedian.

06 May 2024 1:39 AM
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Who Is Melanie Lynn Clapp? Know All The Facts About Her
All About Melanie Lynn Clapp The Ex-wife Of Johnny Knoxville

Melanie Lynn Clapp is a fashion and interior designer married to Johnny Knoxville, her former husband. She remained with Johnny for 12 years as his wife and had a daughter, Madison Clapp. Let us discuss all about Melanie Lynn. 

Melanie Lynn Clapp's Birthday

She was born in 1964, but she hasn’t disclosed her exact date of birth.

Her Age

She is 60 years old in 2024.

Her Zodiac Sign

As we don’t know her exact date of birth, we can’t find out her zodiac sign.

Her Weight

She weighs around 62 Kg.

Her Height

Her height is around 5 ft and 6 inches.

Her Marital Status

She is divorced and currently single.

Her Ethnicity

She is white.

Her Nationality

She is an American National.

Her Religion

She is a Christian.

Her Instagram Account

If she has an Instagram account it is private and not known to the public.

Melanie Lynn Clapp's Net Worth

While we know her ex Johnny Knoxville’s net worth is around $50 million. Her net worth is not known and it is estimated she has a net worth of about $500,000 to $1 million.

Melanie Lynn Clapp’s Early Life

Considering that we don’t even know her exact date of birth or social media details, you can imagine how private she keeps her life. As such we don’t know anything about her earlier life, like her parent's name, or where she was born or went to school. The only details about her known to the public are from her time being married to Johnny Knoxville. 

But we do know about her professional life, as Melanie Lynn Clapp worked as a fashion and interior designer for a long time since the 1990s. She worked for major brands like Urban Outfitters and Warner Bros, where she was responsible for designing jewelry and clothing.

She also remodeled houses in Nashville, Los Angeles, and Austin, Texas, and is quite famous for her interior design work by being recognized by the likes of the Tribeza Interior Design Tour and the Austin Architecture Community.

Melanie Lynn Clapp and Johnny Knoxville

Melanie Lynn Clapp is most famous for being married to actor, producer, writer, and stunt performer Johnny Knoxville. Johnny Knoxville was born Philip John Clapp in 1971 in Knoxville, Tennessee, and that is where he gets his professional name from.

He had an interest in acting from a very young age and was very athletic, so much so that he was part of his school’s baseball league. Soon after his graduation, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting and appeared in different TV commercials.

He got his breakthrough with Jackass which he helped create and in a way was the leader of the group involved in the franchise. What started as a series became a franchise and shot Johnny and his friends to stardom. 

Jackass involved Johnny and his friends like Steve-o doing mind-boggling and dangerous stunts and upping the ante with each new stunt and in a way, they created a genre of their own. During his participation in Jackass, he had numerous accidents and he even had his Urethra torn while performing a stunt.

Besides performing stunts in Jackass he has appeared in a number of different movies like Walking Tall, Men in Black 2, The Dukes of Hazzard, and The Last Stand to name a few. He has also had his own prank show called The Prank Panel and has made numerous TV appearances.

Melanie Lynn Clapp’s Married Life

Melanie and Johnny Knoxville got married in 1995 and had their first and only child together in 1996. It was a daughter they named Madison Clapp. Melanie and Johhny remained married for over 11 years and separated in 2006, however, it was in 2009 when they officially got divorced, but share a mutual custody of their daughter.

The reason for their separation or divorce is unknown but there seems to be no fallout from the divorce. Johnny has since had a girlfriend, got married, and had two more children but Melanie’s love life remains unknown, and as far as we know she is single.

Melanie Lynn Clapp life after her divorce from Johnny Knoxville

Just as it was with her early life, we don’t know much about her life after her divorce from Johnny Knoxville. But we do know that she resides in Austin Texas and works as a fashion designer and an interior designer or at least used to work as a fashion designer.

While she does not have her own Instagram account we can see pictures of her, on her daughter’s Instagram, especially the older pictures.

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