The Mystery Of Jann Mardenborough Wife?

Know everything about Jann Mardenborough Wife, her career, net worth and what she does.

11 June 2024 6:58 PM
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The Mystery Of Jann Mardenborough Wife?
The Mystery Of Jann Mardenborough Wife?

If you are a professional racing fan, then you might know the name Jann Mardenborough, a gamer turned professional racing driver. They even made a movie about him in 2023 called Gran Turismo, which is fun to watch. Today however we will find out about Jann Mardenborough wife.

If you know about him then you already know he is not married and hence doesn’t have a wife. So, what are all these rumors and stories about? There is no Jann Mardenborough Wife but there is a girlfriend Sophie Hulme that he has been linked to for a while now. 

So let us find out more about her but first here is a brief overview of Jann Mardenborough.

Who is Jann Mardenborough? 

Born on September 9, 1991, Jann was always interested in cars and wanted to be a racing driver and one way for him to experience the thrill of driving racing cars was by playing video games like Gran Turismo. In 2011 however, he got his big break when he became a contestant in the GT Academy competition.

A competition where winners get contracts with Nissan to be professional motorsport drivers. Jann won the competition that year by beating 90,000 contestants and hasn’t looked back since then. He has been competing professionally in many racing competitions and even coming in the top 3 in some of these events.

Who is Sophie Hulme, the potential Jann Mardenborough wife?

Sophie Hulme is a fashion designer and is mostly known for her luxury products, particularly her line of luxury handbags. Just like Jann she is a British national and was born on August 19, 1980, making her eleven years older than Jann Mardenborough. 

Jann Mardenborough Wife

However, unlike Jann, not much is known about her early life, as she likes to keep her personal life private. Some websites report her being a graduate of a prestigious university in London with a degree in fashion design. While it seems probable, we cannot validate it, as even the name of the university is not mentioned.

Jann Mardenborough Wife’s career

Maybe Jann Mardenborough wife is a successful fashion designer in her own right. Most known for her line of luxury handbags, she started her own brand in 2011 and by all accounts has been quite successful, even winning the Emerging Talent award in 2012.

However, if you visit her website, it says the business has closed shops for good, after being open for more than a decade. The reason being given for her closing the business is a rare medical condition, due to which she wants to focus on her health and family.

While we feel sad for her closing down her business, we can understand why did it and wish her nothing but good health and a long happy life.

Can she actually be Jann Mardenborough's wife?

As far as we can tell the rumors are false about Sophie being Jann Mardenborough’s wife. The reason we say this is they haven’t even confirmed their relationship let alone being married to each other. While the rumors about them dating are true, the rumors about them being married are not so much.

The couple has been seen together in public on occasions but neither of them has verified the claims that they are together and on the bright side, they haven’t denied these rumors either. The rumors about their dating go back to 2018 but the exact details of their relationship still remain a mystery and just like you guys we can only speculate.


To conclude now you know about Jann Mardenborough’s wife or rather we should say his probable girlfriend. Whatever her status may be, if they are together then we wish them a good and happy life